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He is offering you a deal, he said slowly. But he did not wish the little girl to think him a coward, so he advanced slowly to the edge of the roof. Inhale and, In conjunction, the HTML specification has, The belt can be pulled from the reel only, The two French girls held the gilt-lipped vases of milk and, This would, for example, cause organisms to, Additionally, countries such as India have been, This right remained a bone of contention between the church authorities and universities that were, His crew hoisted the sails and the Adventure manoeuvred to point her starboard guns toward Maynard's sloops, which were, In Lancashire before industrialisation, families would work at home spinning thread while scrags of mutton stewed, During the recording sessions of the album, a rift between Jagger and Richards was. Slowly, she has become accustomed to dealing with her fears. The best forms of generator are either those in which water rises slowly in contact with the carbide, or the second main division in which the carbide falls into excess of water. A small impression was slowly dispersed; the bookseller murmured, and the author (had his feelings been more exquisite) might have wept over the blunders and baldness of the English translation. Simple sentence. He looked around using only his eyes, then slowly sat up, staring straight ahead. Elisabeth slowly stood, leaned into him with her whole body, put her lips to his ear, and nibbled softly on his earlobe. "Rhyn, if you come back, we can try to find some way for you to live as normal a life as possible," he said slowly. Kris was silent for a moment before saying slowly, "Kiki said I always had a penchant for traitors.". English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Slowly" in Example Sentences Page 1. A simple sentence normally contains one statement (known as a main clause). Everything looked normal, but she gave the house special attention and approached slowly. Earth's atmosphere has no definite boundary, While all this was happening, Gondwana drifted, Consequently, this area is a rare case of a passive margin, Meanwhile the brig had altered her tack, and was moving, As the years passed, the Portuguese would, Suddenly, and at the same moment, the ebullition ceased, and the compound changed to a dark purple, which faded again more, Iron working was introduced to Europe in the late 11th century BC, probably from the Caucasus, and. The front end was slowly sinking down as the ground gave way. ā€œIā€™m still learning English, so please speak slowly.ā€ Albeit can also be used to introduce subordinate clauses. She opened her eyes slowly, surprised to see she'd hit the man square in the back of the head. Immediately on the fall of Pembroke Cromwell set out to relieve Lambert, who was slowly retreating before Hamilton's superior forces; he joined him near Knaresborough on the 12th of August, and started next day in pursuit of Hamilton in Lancashire, placing himself at Stonyhurst near Preston, cutting off Hamilton from the north and his allies, and defeating him in detail on the 17th, 18th and 19th at Preston and at Warrington. The black films of antimony and bismuth and the grey mottled film of mercury are slowly soluble in the acid, and untouched by bleaching-powder. On the addition, well stirred, of a small quantity of dilute sulphuric acid, a precipitate of sulphur slowly forms, and during its growth manifests exceedingly well the phenomena under consideration. She called Brutus and slowly walked down to the house. Slowly it descended, leaving a wake of tingling nerves. "I ought to be a fairy," grumbled Jim, as he slowly drew the buggy home; "for to be just an ordinary horse in a fairy country is to be of no account whatever. But the reputation of Galen grew slowly; he does not appear to have enjoyed any pre-eminence over other physicians of his time, to most of whom he was strongly opposed in opinion. The keypad lit up, and light spilled from a door that opened slowly. Many of the sentences have audio, too. "He's no friend of ours, Molly," I said, trying to pick up movement as I slowly drove by the site. He does not go to school by bus. The hero slowly edges the door open a few inches, peeks in, gasps, and . So he moved the cars slowly and with caution. She lifted her head slowly, her gaze starting at his square-toed boots and running up the indigo jeans that flattered his lean build. The end is taken into the testing room in the cable-house and the conductor connected with the testing instruments, and, should the electrical tests continue satisfactory, the ship is put on the proper course and steams slowly ahead, paying out the cable over her stern. She turned slowly, propelled by a tender breeze from the cold night air that filled the room with a chill of death. Before the commercial production of calcium carbide made it one of the most easily obtainable gases, the processes which were most largely adopted for its preparation in laboratories were: - first, the decomposition of ethylene bromide by dropping it slowly into a boiling solution of alcoholic potash, and purifying the evolved gas from the volatile bromethylene by washing it through a second flask containing a boiling solution of alcoholic potash, or by passing it over moderately heated soda lime; and, second, the more ordinarily adopted process of passing the products of incomplete combustion from a Bunsen burner, the flame of which had struck back, through an ammoniacal solution of cuprous chloride, when the red copper acetylide was produced.

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