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The cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus), also known as weiro bird, or quarrion, is a small parrot that is a member of its own branch of the cockatoo family endemic to Australia.They are prized as household pets and companion parrots throughout the world and are relatively easy to breed. On a monthly basis, that means restocking on food and supplies. Cockatiels are fairly active birds and they do best when kept in pairs or groups, so you should provide a large cage to ensure the bird’s needs for space are met. This page contains affiliate links. Pearl Cockatiel Prices usually range in the price of $150 to $200. Albino Cockatiel. If dealt with properly, its life expectancy can vary from 15 to 25 years. The cockatiel is a medium-sized bird and an active one, so you need to provide a large cage – especially if you keep more than one cockatiel. The cage should be at least 24x18x24 inches, or twice the bird’s wingspan. Cockatiel Parrots. They are siblings, genders unknown. See to it that the cage has a couple of different levels where they can rest and also loosen up. You can expect ongoing costs for your cockatiel to be at least $100 per year, often much more. It is generally unnecessary to spay or neuter pet birds. Part of your job as being a responsible bird owner is providing for your pet’s ongoing needs. Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. The smallest one which is known as the Tiels has varying price tags as dictated by the color mutation. Here are some of the health problems to which cockatiels are prone: Plan to spend $35 to $50 per visit without any additional testing or treatment. Because these birds are popular pets, they sometimes make their way to animal shelters. Cockatiels are the smallest members of the cockatoo family, but they are still considered medium-size on the spectrum of pet birds. Grey cockatiels are the least popular and are therefore the cheapest. If you do want to get your bird online, you will certainly have to pay shipping fees. Many pet owners consider pet insurance to help offset the costs of their pet’s care. This procedure is not recommended for cockatiels, however, because the microchip is typically embedded under the skin on furry pets. Based on these elements, plan on spending anywhere from $25 to as much as $250 or more. The normal dimension, regardless of the shades, will be 12 to 14 inches long, with the majority of weighing around 2 to 5 ounces. This advert is located in and around Ilford, Essex. If you have a specific mutation you want, your best option might be to contact a breeder. Browse through available white colored cockatiels for sale adoption by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. When not whistling or pecking at their reflection in the mirror, these birds love to forage for food, play around in the cage and also snuggle on your shoulder.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thepricer_org-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',124,'0','0'])); Because there are so many different types, the price can be all over the place. What is going to be included in the adoption charge? Required fields are marked *. Please call for more information. You guessed it: black. Cockatiels are widely available at pet stores, but these birds may have an unknown history. A bird can only carry a single or double copy of the gene. Check Price. Native to Australia the Cockatiel is an extremely popular and affordable pet bird.Cockatiels are in fact the smallest member of the cockatoo family! Given that these birds are energetic, it is advised that you acquire a larger cage where they can wander easily. The science of cockatiel colour genetics deals with the heredity of colour variation in the feathers of cockatiels, (Nymphicus hollandicus). Did you scroll all this way to get facts about albino cockatiel? The best of modern, priced for real life. Neori theme, designed by litMotion Templates, Written by Kate Barrington | Updated Oct 9, 2020. 3 Provide an assortment of toys as well as a mirror so your bird can plan. White Cockatiel Prices charge the rates of $200 to $300 and also get called Albino Cockatiels or White Faced Cockatiels. There, from what we have seen, you need to be prepared to spend around $100 to $150, depending on the age and usually the color. You might be able to save money on a normal grey cockatiel by purchasing directly from a breeder, but the cost goes up for other mutations. One of the most known online bird niche websites has more than 500 listings at the time of this writing. If you’re uncertain where to find a bird, go to a local bird club or even look on-line on preferred bird forums to see what others advise. Providing your cockatiel with a large cage is essential but expensive, and you’ll also need to think about veterinary costs. Seeds provide nutrients as well, but it may be best to offer them as a treat because birds tend to pick out their favorites and leave the rest. A shiny and smooth layer is a great sign of a healthy and balanced bird.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thepricer_org-banner-1','ezslot_6',128,'0','0'])); It may take you a couple of weeks to determine what foods your bird does and does not like. “Summary” Another option is to adopt a cockatiel. You can purchase a bag of high-quality pellets or seed mix for under $20 and it will last you more than a month. The minimum cage size recommended for a cockatiel is 24x18x24 inches, or about double the length of the bird’s wingspan. The prices vary depending on the age and mutation you choose. A trustworthy breeder, at a minimum, must include any type of medical documentation, current vaccinations, and also a health assurance. Learn More. As a point of interest, albinism shows up differently in the two genders. How Female and Male Albino Budgies Differ. A short vet consultation, with no testing, can start at $50. Inside this cage, when purchasing the starter supplies, should be a water dish, food dish, food, a night light, bird bathroom, perches, and also some toys. A well-handled young bird can cost $100 to $300. For example, a Typical Grey Cockatiel can retail for $60 to $80, while a Cinnamon Cockatiel can vary from $75 to $95. Often, as a result of the bird’s life expectancy, numerous owners either leave their bird or can become too old to take care of one. The cost for accessories varies as well, but you should budget $50 to $100. The Cockatiel is known as the number 1 bird in America. Bird and Parrot classifieds. Because your bird will be spending most of its life in the cage, however, you should provide as much space as possible. Prices start around $20 and go up to $100 for the more popular colours. Often albino cockatiels have yellow plumage because it is the breeding of two cockatiel mutations, lutino and white-faced cockatiel parrots.. As every cockatiel lover wants to know the albino cockatiel appearance. Male cockatiel 1 year old aviary bird He's a beautiful bird, nice and stocky, has been kept indoors in a large cage which could be added for an additional fair fee of 20 if bought with cockatiel. In addition to your cockatiel’s cage, you’ll need certain accessories. Baby cockatiel for sale. Albino Cockatiel For Sale Wembley, Middlesex (0.3 Miles from Wembley) Pure white albino cockatiel for sale Very good bird not tamed but can do this Friend with other birds and eating playing well Include in your budget the cost to feed your bird fresh veggies and fruits a few times a week as well. Bringing Home A New Cockatiel – One-Time Costs, Cost Of Cockatiel Ownership – Annual Expense Breakdown. It is not unusual to see these birds even consume hard steamed eggs and some types of meat. Ryde, Isle of Wight. How much does a cockatiel vet checkup cost? Prices depend on the colors and breeds of the bird. £50 . Cockatiels are prized as household pets and companion parrots throughout the world and are relatively easy to breed. Hand-fed birds have a tendency to set you back even more, but what many will tell you is that it will be worth it. Try to look for a bird that is incredibly energetic and alert. The cost to feed your cockatiel may depend on the quality of the food and how many birds you have. This could be a fantastic method to obtain the needed cage, items, and bird for a lower-than-average rate. What do you think of the answers? Report. The most common albino cockatiel material is ceramic. You can also put in a request at your local pet store and they might be able to accommodate you. Generally speaking, cockatiels cost between $75 and $250. Your email address will not be published. One of the most known online bird niche websites has more than 500 listings at the time of this writing. Buy birds online like Albino Cockatiels and other pet birds for sale at The Finch Farm. You can purchase high-quality cockatiel pellet food and an assortment of fresh veggies for $10 to $20 which will last you more than a month. On, an online bird classified website, has more than 500 listings at the time of this writing. By not providing nesting material or making certain changes to the cage, you can prevent breeding. Higher-end Albino Cockatiels, for instance, can cost as high as $140. Meanwhile, provided specific Cockatiel-bird prices depending on their types. Two pied cockatiels for sale, one has lost its front toes due to a budgie attack but is healed totally and not affected by its loss. This is an excellent indication that the bird is healthy. The average 12week old Cockateil is $90 and a handraised one can get $150- $180 in a pet shop but the rarer they are, like albino red eyeds, can get into the multi hundreds. Your bird needs at least two perches in different lengths as well as a food and water dish. You could also find a local or regional bird rescue and put your name on a list. All females, whether they have one or two copies of the gene, will visibly show the condition. Instead of spending on pet insurance, consider putting what you’d pay in premiums into a savings account in case of emergencies. Even lutino (yellow) or albino (white) hens have such barring - except, the barring is less visible -- it's more of a shading that can be seen, however, when a tiel is held against a light source. With a male, the colors on the face tend to be brighter, while the ladies tend to have a bar of colors underneath its feathers. Various other items can include toys, supplements as well as water bowls for the cage. The cost depends on the mutation you choose and where you buy the bird. This is not likely to consist of the needed starting things to properly look after your bird. For example, a Typical Grey Cockatiel can retail for $60 to $80, while a Cinnamon Cockatiel can vary from $75 to $95. Want to know the prices of pet birds, hamsters, or squirrels?eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thepricer_org-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',126,'0','0'])); A Cockatiel gets along splendidly with other birds of its kind. The cost to microchip a pet is usually a one-time fee of $35. How much does it cost to neuter/spay a cockatiel? Plan on investing around $25 to have your bird shipped within the United States.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thepricer_org-box-4','ezslot_2',127,'0','0'])); Establishing the sex can be challenging sometimes, and because of that, you might need a DNA test to identify the gender. If you’re planning to keep a pair or trio of cockatiels, the larger the cage the better. You should expect to spend between $100 and $300. Cockatiel – Lutino also sells at $177.99. Regular vet visits help you monitor your pet bird’s health so you can identify problems in the early stages when they are still treatable. This Bird list is updated weekly, but with Birds selling daily, we suggest you call the Lake Forest location at 949-472-3962 and ask for Gloria or Kim for current availability. If you can touch the bird, try to stroke their plumes and look for a smooth feeling. The most important thing to keep your cockatiel healthy is a balanced diet. Find Cockatiels for sale via Pets4Homes. If you are looking at lutinos (all yellow with red eyes) or albinos (all white with red eyes), pearl or pied cockatiels, or any of the more unusual mutations, the price will be higher. 30+ days ago. Plan on budgeting around $15 to $35 per bird, per month for food. Your email address will not be published. You’ll need a month’s worth of food to get started. Always try to pick a bird that has been fed as a chick by hand. They are small enough to comfortably fit in a tiny apartment but hardy enough to become a … Check out Craigslist and other known classified sites to see if you can find an owner who is abandoning their bird, along with the essential starter supplies., Don’t forget about the cost of food! At the same time, when buying a cage, make sure bar spacing is at the very least 5/8″ apart. Cockatiels. Here’s what you need to know about one-time costs for pet cockatiels: Generally speaking, you should plan to spend $75 to $250 on a pet cockatiel. 140 Cute and Adorable Cockatiel Names With Meanings. Not only is the procedure very invasive, but it’s possible to prevent breeding through other means. Some common colours today were rare and very expensive a decade or so ago (for example a whiteface cock – a male – until recently could cost $1000). Cinnamon Cockatiel Prices are likely to be in the range of $130 to $160. With any kind of pet, remember to consider vet consultations in case something goes wrong. is a participant in several other affiliate programs, held by other merchants. In addition to buying your cockatiel and his cage, you’ll need to certain supplies and accessories, including a month’s worth of food, to get you started. Grey Cockatiel: 4,000 pkr per pair Lutino Cockatiel: 6,000 pkr perpair Albino Cockatiel: 20,000 pkr per pair If you are living somewhere in a European country then the prices are very high. Here are some of the most popular pet cockatiel mutations: It’s fairly easy to find cockatiels at pet stores, especially national pet store chains.

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