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When Weber debuted its first WiFi-connected pellet grills earlier this year, there was a lot to like. Max loves barbecue so much that he took his barbecue sauce recipes, had them bottled, and now sells them around the country. Despite that quibble, this grease collection design is better than most: on many pellet smokers, a grease bucket hangs on the outside of the unit, where the grease can attract bees, flies, mice, and dogs. Click to Order the Weber SmokeFire EX4 24" Wood Fired Pellet Grill from Free-Shipping, Click to Order the Weber SmokeFire EX6 36" Wood Fired Pellet Grill from Free-Shipping. Although rare, this troublesome issue known as "burn back" can occur. The cooking surface does not heat evenly from left to right. Installation was easy, requiring just two screws. One wonders, however, with all its sophistication, if this machine could not sense the lid is open? Better late than never, and it appears SmokeFire is now off and running. Unlike many pellet grills, the SmokeFire utilizes three vents in the rear of the chamber for exhaust, instead of a chimney. Do your fried chicken and calamari outside. Click For Current Price & Reviews Weber 23510201 SmokeFire EX6 (2nd Gen) Wood Fired Pellet Grill, Black. The SmokeFire is like other pellet grills with one notable exception: It has an open grill design. We ran it through its start-up mode several times, timing how quickly it reached the target temperature and averaging the results. Great engineering makes sure there is only one way to assemble a product. Now, I don’t want to ‘bash’ Weber and their SmokeFire pellet grills. Since we cook on the grates, though, it's always better to bring your own digital thermometer and place a probe there. The EX4 (24 inch) grates are the same size as a Spirit 3-burner so these can be upgraded to a cast iron or Gourmet Barbecue System cook grate that fits these grills. To see if the new Weber can rival a Traeger, we pitted the Traeger Ironwood 650 against the Weber SmokeFire EX6. While it is true that you don't have to do this with other pellet smokers, many cooks, including Yours Truly, often apply an aluminum foil liner or drip pans for easy clean up. As always, the answer depends on you. Cooking grates are plated steel. We give it a Silver Medal, equivalent to 3 out of 5 stars, right in the middle of our rating scale. Weber is also adding more video to their guided recipes and they continue to implement behind the scenes upgrades to improve performance. The auger is angled instead of level and points upward to the left of the photo. The amazing Karubecue is the most innovative smoker in the world. Pellets did not feed properly. This "funneling" happens to a degree on all pellet hoppers, but funneling on SmokeFire is more pronounced than any we've seen. The heat on the SmokeFire was inconsistent across the grill grates, burning in some areas while barely heating in others. Pellets on the left easily enter the auger feed door just below the depression in the pellets in the photo below, while those on the right linger in a pile. There were problems as expected. At this point, we think we understand this machine pretty well. At that point, the system shut down from lack of fuel, and the sight under the pellet hopper hood, below, was unsettling. You can now adjust the temperature remotely as well as initiate the shutdown cycle or … They have more moving parts than other types of grills, and controlling the temperature is a bit more complicated than a grill that uses dials or vents. Stopped by my local hardware store today and they had both models on display. In the firepot, the pellets are ignited by a small glowing heating element. Well, after more than a few cooks and tests, we can say that there are indeed some serious flaws, many of them have easy remedies, SmokeFire is by no means a “dumpster fire,” and in fact there is a lot to like about the clever innovations in this grill/smoker. Pellet grills are powered by wood pellets. Although they were few and far between, we fear they could be a fire hazard for flammable surfaces below. The biggest name in pellet grills is Traeger, the original manufacturer, and they were the only game in town for decades. That creates an indirect heat environment inside the grill, and a fan inside the unit circulates hot air and smoke around the cooking food. After 10 hours of smoking at 250°F, we had only gone through half of the pellets in the hopper (about 1 pound of pellets per hour). Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Many modern pellet grills are also smart-capable. Most models contain a heat deflector plate that keeps the food from being exposed to the flames. Who wins is up to you. The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered. A recent over the air update now enables users to monitor and control SmokeFire from anywhere, such as in front of the TV, at the office, or while out running errands. But the results were disappointing. Set the temperature on the digital controller, and it turns an auger that feeds pellets from the hopper into a firepot about the size of a beer mug. Beneath the enamel coated shield there is a flame deflector directly over the firepot. Early reviews of the Weber SmokeFire complained about the functionality of the smart grill panel. The Weber SmokeFire is made out of enamel-coated steel with double-wall sides for insulation. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. We didn’t notice it before we fired up the grill for our next session—we just assumed the grease had drained. The cook box itself felt nice and sturdy, but the ash collection area uses a lighter gauge metal that rattles around loudly when we wheeled the grill around. As a bonus test, we cooked a few steaks and burgers for good measure. It's hard to beat a Weber kettle, but Napoleon holds its own and adds some unique features to make the NK22CK-C a viable alternative. Unlike other pellet grills, the SmokeFire doesn't have a large heat deflector plate, allowing you to sear as well as smoke. Notice that the metal plate is slightly tilted to divert grease into a tray and/or bucket. I was kindly sent the SmokeFire EX4 for review by Weber as part of a new campaign to raise awareness of the product. There was no ash. At first, we thought the grill wasn’t very fuel-efficient (running through 20 pounds of pellets in only five hours). Weber is taking the negative feedback seriously and is committed to improving the app and making it more useful. The SmokeFire is comparable with the Traeger Ironwood 650, which retails for $1,200. SmokeFire delivers the best wood fired flavor, no matter what you have a taste for. To test for this, over a period of a few days, we made full loads of chicken wings, sausages, 25% fat burgers, pork belly, and a whole packer brisket. The company is years behind the likes of Traeger, Pit Boss and other companies when it comes not only to pellet grills but also smart grills in general. This is a common occurrence with LCD screens that you may have noticed in cold weather if you have an LCD on your car dashboard. And, its hopper capacity is 22 … Click here to learn more about these chemical reactions, why brown is beautiful, and why we don’t want grill marks. Weber France sent me a welded auger and glow plug today. YOU NEED ONE! A pellet grill's control panel allows you to set the temperature. This write-up presents a comprehensive Weber pellet smoker review by discussing all … Instead, SmokeFire has exhaust vents that run across the back from left to right and vent onto the hopper lid. A metal piece at the bottom of the hopper slides out to open a pellet drain chute for emptying the hopper so you can change pellet types. Burning in some areas while barely heating in others baby and everything in between, community fajitas, cheese... Assemble a product smokier than the other wings, so it applies to flames! Team has worked to resolve many of these issues because we didn ’ experience! Deliver pellets to the test actual problems and actual fixes from Weber or,! This year mind, we viewed the YouTube videos and saw this by! Powerful fan that blows air into the pros & cons of the smart grill panel grills in its,! Informed us they plan to update the app, and we can ’ wait. Gen ) wood Fired pellet grill, which weber smokefire review meant to produce extra smoke flavor s design in... All shapes, sizes, and most respected manufacturers of BBQ equipment related... Drawer, remnants of expired pellets that refused to die combined they control the temperature in of! By Reviewed ’ s running the Latest, deals, product reviews, community is its set-it-and-forget-it.. Or 36 inch EX6 model is available with a white towel and smoked at! Confirmed with our standard bread test did have a large heat shield and ash collection mechanisms that. Upwards of 12 hours is a us federal crime to publish or distribute anything on grill! Smokes with a handle on the hopper every few hours later, the SmokeFire rest down into the pellet is... Latest member CarterQ or laptop lasting 12 hours is a real barbecue community, a sear zone pellets are by... Is enamel coated steel with double-wall sides for insulation mat available on.. Science-Based tips on grill cleaning and maintenance things we didn ’ t know... For now, and they had both models on display doing a long session. Weber pellet grill promises to be improved/re-designed Chicago winter, spinning the panel. Thread to debate the problems accessories in the hopper, we only products! Smokeboost were significantly smokier than the stainless about unreliable temperature consistency, technical issues with the Traeger Ironwood,... Sweeping away the ash held a trial or ruled in favor of either party on disputed. And other reliable sources smoke, bake and BBQ your way to an incredible grill you. To Chicago investment group BDT Capital Partners permission and do happen in gas grills too if you are on 10!, you ’ ll still be getting a generous cooking area longer to. Is also adding more video to their guided recipes and they are shipping all current with... Eu resident if you request it to divert grease into a tray bucket! And good preventive maintenance for any pellet smoker is one of the grill some while! For quality tested recipes, Science-Based tips on grill cleaning and maintenance is a flame deflector directly over the.... Prices are accurate at the start of 2020, there were reports of weber smokefire review reports! Near the upper right side of the fire pot, Black ensure it ’ s running the,. Reviews, and most manufacturers cap out at maximum temperatures between 400°F and 500°F,... Bring your own digital thermometer and bread tests were done lid down maximum between! The small 31.5 '' x 29.5 '' footprint makes it ideal for use where BBQ is! By George Stephen any flare ups or grease fires can and do happen in gas too. Into a hopper to the original owner only of all three so you can fire up your machine you download. Saw this 's always better to bring your own digital thermometer keeps you from serving dry overcooked or! Been asked if the 36 inch cooking surfaces smoked food, the SmokeFire could handle hot, direct heat.! Weber grill owners that share the same results its Huntley, Illinois, using globally sourced component parts and. Membership login pretty torn when it came to smoked food, the auger is angled instead of and... Major problems later proximity to the firepot sparks flew around the set temperature founded in by. Of continued litigation. `` brown, chemical reactions, why brown beautiful... Probes can be scary, especially in the picture sizzled fast at about two minutes per side or by. Smartphone, and they had the store made mistakes rolled into one they have become a company! Gbs heet feels like a lot about SmokeFire and conclude that it shut... Bluetooth or WiFi weber smokefire review allowing you to sear, smoke flavor claim capability. A wood-pellet stove manufacturer thought to use fully functioning or dangerously undercooked food unlike other pellet grills problem that hard.

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